cast and crew
Mike Day:
Executive Producer
Mike Day is the director and executive producer of the Science Museum of Minnesota's William L. McKnight-3M Omnitheater, a 380-seat IMAX© theater, which opened in December 1999. The museum operated an earlier theater, which opened in 1978 and operated for more than 20 years as one of one of the most successful IMAX theater operations worldwide. Besides being an exhibitor of giant screen films, the museum is also a major producer and distributor of films. Mike Day has served as Executive Producer for ten giant screen films including Ring of Fire, which premiered in March, 1991; Tropical Rainforest, which premiered in February, 1992; Search for the Great Sharks, which premiered in May, 1993; and The Greatest Places, which premiered in February, 1998. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in finance and urban economics from the University of Illinois.
Jim Marchbank:
Executive Producer
President and CEO of Science North in Sudbury, Ontario, Marchbank is a past president of the Giant Screen Theater Association (GSTA) and a board member of the Association of Science and Technology Centers (ASTC). He served as executive producer of the giant screen film Gold Fever, completed in the spring of 1999. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics and history from Laurentian University.
Freda Nicholson:
Executive Producer
The former CEO of Discovery Place, Inc., in Charlotte, North Carolina, Freda Nicholson is past president of ASTC, president of the American Association of Museums (AAM), and treasurer of the Museum Film Network (MFN). She has a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing and a Masters degree in education, supervision, and administration from Queens College.
David Lickley:
David Lickley is a biologist-turned-filmmaker. He has over 20 years experience as a producer/director and writer. Lickley has won international awards for his work, and he has pioneered the use of an innovative multimedia technique called Object Theater, which is now featured in museums and science centers around the world. Lickley is currently the director of large format films at Science North, one of North America's acknowledged leaders in science education. He was the producer and director of a 5 perforation, 70mm 3D film and laser show called Shooting Star. He produced and directed a large format film titled Gold Fever, which was released in 1999. Most recently, Lickley directed the film Bears, which was released to giant screen theaters around the world in the spring of 2001. Lickley holds a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Acadia University, Nova Scotia, and a Master of Science degree in zoology from the University of Alberta.
Reed Smoot:
Director of Photography
Reed Smoot has served as Director of Photography on dozens of feature films for television and theatrical release, including Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey for Walt Disney Pictures, The Windwalker, Russkies, the critically acclaimed NBC miniseries The Long Hot Summer. Smoot was cameraman on the Academy Award winning documentary feature The Great American Cowboy. He has specialized in the production and photography of large format films including Grand Canyon: The Hidden Secrets, Mysteries of Egypt, Yellowstone and To Be An Astronaut. In May 2001, he was presented with the Kodak Vision Award for contributions to large format filmmaking. Smoot was also awarded the GSTA's Best Cinematography prize in 2001. He is a charter member of the Large Format Cinema Association and is an active member of the American Society of Cinematographers and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.
Kathryn Liptrott:
Line Producer
Kathryn Liptrott has worked as a producer for Canal+ (France), WDR (Germany), Discovery Channel-Canada, and National Geographic Television. She has worked as a production manager in Rwanda, the Congo, and Tanzania. At National Geographic she served as an associate producer/production manager in the Natural History Unit and worked on more than 50 films. Her most recent work was on 13 half-hour documentaries for WDR focused on wildlife. Liptrott is fluent in both English and French, with a working knowledge of Kinryarwanda from her work in east Africa. She is currently working at Cinenova Productions in Toronto, Canada, as a producer of high-end documentaries for American and European audiences.
James Lahti:
One of the most experienced and successful large format film editors and producers in the industry, Lahti's credits include The Last Buffalo, Flight of the Aquanaut, Super Speedway, Whales, Across the Sea of Time and Titanica. A native of Elliot Lake, Lahti previously worked with Science North on the production of Shooting Star, a 70mm, 3D film and laser adventure. His most recent credits include Gold Fever and Bears.
Stephen Low:
Stephen Low is one of the world's foremost giant screen filmmakers, with eight films to his credit and almost thirty years of experience working in the IMAX© format. His work in the industry has produced such works as Titanica, The Last Buffalo, Super Speedway, and Mark Twain's America.
Dr. Anne Pusey:
Science Advisor
Anne Pusey grew up in England and did her undergraduate work in zoology at Oxford University. Immediately after earning her degree in 1970, she went to Gombe Stream National Park to work for Dr. Jane Goodall as a research assistant, studying mother-infant relations in chimpanzees. She went on to pursue a Ph.D. at Stanford University. Her research was on the development of juvenile and adolescent chimpanzees at Gombe. After completing her degree, she studied Japanese monkeys in Japan for a short time, and then spent 10 years studying lions in the Serengeti, Tanzania. She is currently a McKnight Distinguished University Professor of Ecology, Evolution and Behavior at the University of Minnesota. Since 1995, she has directed the university's Jane Goodall Institute's Center for Primate Studies. She oversees the curation and analysis of more than 40 years of data from the Gombe chimpanzee project, and she supervises graduate students who work at Gombe.

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