educational materials
You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader 5 to view these documents. To save them to disk, right click (on a Windows PC) and choose SAVE AS, or hold down the CONTROL key and click on the link and choose "Download Link to disk" (on a Macintosh PC).
*Animal Observation (How to Watch Wildlife) *Gombe Chimpanzee Biographies
*Gombe Chimpanzee Family Trees *How to do a Field Sketch
*Map of Gombe National Park *How to Identify a Chimpanzee
*Make a Life Size Chimpanzee *Make a Poseable Chimpanzee
*Resources *How to Talk Like a Chimpanzee
*Food Sharing *Chimpanzee Territorial Behavior
*Tools for Tasks *Tracking Wildlife
You can also download all 14 activities in Macintosh Stuffit or Windows Zip archives.

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