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The following items are available as Microsoft Word [.doc] and Adobe Acrobat 5[.pdf] files. To download on a Mac click and hold on the link and select 'save to disk'. To download on a PC right-click on the link and select 'download link as'.

Description MS Word Adobe PDF SPANISH
MS Word
Adobe PDF
MS Word
Adobe PDF
General News Release .doc .pdf .doc .pdf .doc .pdf
The Making of Jane Goodall's Wild Chimpanzees .doc .pdf .doc .pdf .doc .pdf
Chimpanzee Quick Facts .doc .pdf .doc .pdf .doc .pdf
Jane Goodall Quick Facts .doc .pdf .doc .pdf .doc .pdf
About the Production Crew .doc .pdf .doc .pdf .doc .pdf
Jane Goodall Biography .doc .pdf .doc .pdf .doc .pdf
Elizabeth Vinson Lonsdorf Biography .doc .pdf        
About the Music .doc .pdf .doc .pdf .doc .pdf

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